Presented by:

Elaine Blomeyer (

Jim Town (

July 14-15, 2014, St. Charles, Illinois


Session Agenda
Length Presenters Participant Challenge
15 min Welcome and HTML5 Canvas Overview Download the template.
Open the Conference presentation.
25 min Draw a Rectangle.
Make it move.
Finish the Stepping Feet illusion.
35 min Draw a Line. Finish the Which line is longer? illusion.
Create the Are these lines parallel? illusion.
40 min Translate the canvas.
Rotate the canvas.
Draw a circle.
Create a Rotating Wheel.
Start the Which circle is bigger? illusion.
40 min Go over Beginning Projects. Pick a beginning project and build it.
10 min Go over Advanced Projects. What questions might students have?
15 min Show several resources for further study. Lingering questions?